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The Dumpster Depot (TDD) provides a large market of dumpster rental providers who offers unsurpassed dumpster rental services to residential and commercial clientele throughout Southern California. The Dumpster Depot offers competitive dumpster rental prices and professional services for clientele in need of Dumpster Rental Los Angeles County, Dumpster Rental Orange County, Dumpster Rental Riverside County and Dumpster Rental San Bernardino County.

TDD connects you to a pre-screened collection of service haulers that offers a variety services beyond Dumpster Rental Services such as Junk Removal, Trash-Outs, Estate Clean-Outs, and Load and Go Dumpster Rental Southern California.  We are well known for affordable dumpster prices,  providers of timely deliveries and professiona lservice throughout the length of the dumpster rental period,  and most importantly, we do not overbook our inventory of dumpsters.

For those renting a dumpster for the first time, we highly recommend a review of our Dumpster Rental Tips. This can save you and the service hauler time and effort ensuring the right size dumpster at an affordable dumpster price is delivered to your location in safe and timely manner. 

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Where not to put a Dumpster


Dumpter rental equipment such as roll off trucks and dumpsters are incredibly large and heavy. Moreover, the extra weight associated with the roll off including a fully loaded dumpster makes it a heavier load. Because of the heavy weight, property owners and service haulers should exercise precautionary measures to prevent damage to the area of location for the dumpster as well as the physical dumpster.

What is so important about dumpster placement?

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What is a Roll-Off Truck


Roll-off dumpsters are transported by roll-off trucks. The roll-off truck has a wench and cable that releases or pulls the dumpster on or off the roll-off truck. There is a hydraulically operated bed that rises to allow the wench/cable system to either release the dumpster (roll-off the truck) or will pull the dumpster onto the truck.  If the roll-off truck is not a winch system, then it is most likely a hook-lift system. A hook-lift system works by the truck extending a 90 degree arm with a hook on the end which hooks under a bar and gently lifts the dumpster onto the truck.

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What is a Dumpster


A roll-off dumpster is a typically an open top container described by a rectangular shaped configuration, using wheels to “Roll” the dumpster to its location. The dumpster is intended to be transported by a Roll-Off Truck that is commonly referred to as a “roll-off” truck. Roll-off dumpster sizes are determined by the measurement of volume the container can hold. This measurement is defined by cubic yards and typically ranges from 10 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. Dumpsters are commonly rented or leased by the size of the dumpster and each size has an associated weight restriction as well. Dumpsters that exceed the weight restriction are accompanied by an overweight charge. However, there are cases where dense material such as concrete, a container with lower sidewalls (commonly referenced as a “Low-boy”) is used, to help reduce the risk of exceeding the weight limit.


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Dumpster Rental Tips


Renting a dumpster is an essential component of effective waste management. Whether you manage a construction site, or you are planning home renovations or spring cleaning, you’ll need a dumpster to ensure that trash and debris can be removed quickly and easily.

Choosing your dumpster rental provider doesn’t have to be difficult task, but here are a few good tips that will make project management easier and faster. Plus, by teaming with the right team of haulers, you will be able to save money and get the best service possible.

Here are a some handy tips to help get your project underway.

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